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AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I ask for help when I need it.

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asking_for_help[affirmation]PHOENIX RISING COLLECTIVE

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! And if you are, ask anyway. Knowing that you can’t always go it alone or pick up the pieces on your own is a part of being in tune with who you are and honoring what you need. Asking for help strengthens the courage muscle. It is self-care, so be open to it in diverse forms. Expand the resources available to you and create abundance. You deserve it.

Be self-love in action.



Author: The Phoenix Rising Collective

The Phoenix Rising Collective (PRC) inspires women to be self-love in action through self-care workshops, holistic wellness events, personal empowerment coaching and a spirit affirming, supportive online community.

One thought on “AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I ask for help when I need it.

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