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Inspiring Women. Empowering Change.

PHOENIX POWER self-care workshops and resources that support building and sustaining love, compassion, acceptance, and appreciation for one’s self. The key is to fully love who you are, so in our workshops you’ll learn and be provided with practical, sustainable tips, practices and resources  for making healthier choices that reflect self-love, stir conscious thought, and inspire more whole living.

PHOENIX POWER creates time for you to really focus on personal development and growth, and connect with like-minded women who are committed to putting themselves first, too.

Ready to take the leap? Good. Let’s get started! Take a look at what PHOENIX POWER offers:


I Thrive: Self-Care  Sunday Meetups for Women

This is for the woman who is ready to put herself first, understanding that she must give herself love, care, support and healing before she can capably, successfully and completely give it to others.

I Thrive is an affirmation, a commitment to applying practical self-care regimens that motivate women to make themselves a priority.

Meetups include interactive wellness activities, demonstrations and resources, and tips and how-to’s that focus on whole living practices like mindfulness, yoga, personal affirmations, clean eating, meal prep, journaling, goal-setting/organization and so much more. Suggestions on topics and activities are always welcomed, of course!




I Thrive is an opportunity to…

  • Meet & bond with other women who are just as committed to self-care breakthroughs and transformations.
  • Receive encouragement and guidance that helps your daily practice.
  • Know you’re not alone on this path. We’re all figuring this self-love thing out together!
  • Be in a sacred space that honors vulnerability, and provides preparation and rejuvenation for the upcoming week.
  • Dig in and give yourself the love you deserve, the necessary and invaluable me-time that feeds the mind, body and soul.

Life is all about balance, and to maintain balance we must be intentional about giving ourselves what we need to have it. Let’s build an “I Thrive Tribe” who enjoys the process and celebrates the progress.

I Thrive is held the last Sunday of every month and is only $12 per person. Meetups will be held at Roots Gallery and Cultural Center, Columbus, OH. However, there are a variety of self-care and wellness events always happening in the city, so of course, field tripping is in order to experience them! If there is a location change or cancellation, members will be notified in advance.

On occasion there will be guest speakers at meetups who will share their expertise on the topic of the month.

Attend the next self-care Sunday meetup. Check out the calendar for more details.


Sage the Soul Paint & Affirmations Workshop

This is definitely NOT your average wine + canvas paint party. It’s so much more! Sage is about you reconnecting with self by creating your own personal affirmations and then using them as inspiration to paint on canvas.

Think of this experience as a much needed, well-deserved 3-hour retreat where you get to be as creative as you want! And, you’ll be able to take home a one-of-kind art piece to commemorate the beautiful evening.

Event includes canvas, painting materials and refreshments; and of course, an unforgettably fun experience with other positive women like you!

We encourage you to bring a friend, your favorite bottle of wine, and an open heart so that you enjoy it to the fullest.




Sage the Soul is a collaborative partnership between The Phoenix Rising Collective and mixed media artist, LaTosha Matthews, from Columbus, OH. Our goal with Sage is to provide women with a positive space to freely express creativity without judgment, to engage in activity that empowers self-acceptance and self-love, and to support through art and affirmations that self-care is crucial to sustaining a healthy well-being.

About LaTosha: Art is her passion. She loves creating it, learning about it and connecting people to it. Her most recent work is Half Past the Moon: The Happening featured at the 934 Gallery in Columbus, OH, a solo show that takes a look at the effects media play on the subconscious mind of African American women . LaTosha is also the Founder of Arts to Go-Go and creator of the Purple Swag Flag, a flag she designed as a symbol of self-love, pride and unity among women of color. “I created “The Purple Swag Flag” in 2010. The three stripes, purple, white, and black, were inspired by artist Archibald Motley’s painting, Brown Girl After the Bath (1931).” The flag is currently displayed at the Columbus Museum of Art.

Learn more about LaTosha HERE.

Registration is $45. Check the calendar to register for the next Sage workshop.


Manifesting Her Happiness Vision Board Workshop: 5 Must-Haves to Gain Clarity on What You Really Want

Manifesting Her Happiness is a workshop that supports you in goal setting and is an opportunity to take time for self-care and creativity. Vision boards are a fun, effective visualization tool that helps to: (1) Identify your personal vision for your life, (2) Understand how you are constantly creating your own unique experiences (3) Focus on specific life goals and feelings you want to manifest, and (4) Strengthen your ability to keep your attention on your true intentions.

We’re doing away with resolutions!

In Manifesting Her Happiness you will be taken through five must-haves for deeper clarity about what you envision for yourself so that you can (1) get out of your own way, (2) recognize opportunities that are meant for you, and (3) manifest your version of happiness.



Other things to know about Manifesting Her Happiness:

  • All materials and supplies will be provided to create your vision board.
  • Refreshments will be served.
  • Dress is casual
  • Be prepared to have some fun.

This workshop is held annually in mid-November. It’s your preparation for the new year. Registration is $25 and will open September 24, 2017.


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