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SELF-LOVE TIP OF THE DAY: Accept, Embrace, and Celebrate Your Uniqueness

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Just a little reminder, and an affirmation to support your self-acceptance! Let this be your focus, Phoenix. There is no one like you, and that’s a damn good thing! Affirm and celebrate your uniqueness in this world. It is a gift; express your gratitude.



About the Contributing Writer:

Ayanna_Prof_Headshot[Mktg_Phoenix2]Ayanna Jordan is the founder and executive director of The Phoenix Rising Collective, and the editor-in-chief for Phoenix Shine, The PRC’s online community. She has always had a passion to empower women, especially through writing, coaching, and teaching. She is happy that Phoenix Shine offers resources and provides awareness on what it means to truly love who you are. From forgiving others (and yourself) to taking time for spiritual practice, this forum is all a part of the journey to authenticity. Right now, she is most inspired by the LYFF series and She Makes It Beautiful. You can also learn more about Ayanna HERE.


Where Are All the Wild Women? Stand Up!


Wild women where are you? Stand up! You already know that what’s meant for your life is written in the Universe so there’s plenty of room for other sisters to shine. No need for envy, right? You’re too busy manifesting your own purpose. And the women in your life? You genuinely love, support, uplift, affirm, and celebrate them on your journeys to greatness.

Breathe it in, Wild Woman! Be self-love in action.


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What’s Your Love-Yourself-First Story?


Love Yourself First! Friday (LYFF) shares stories of phenomenal women who fiercely demonstrate self-love in action in order to build and sustain healthy, positive self esteem.

Want to share your self-love story with us? We certainly hope so! You would definitely be among our strong, courageous collective of women, here, who – through their experiences – learned to fully embrace, accept, and love who they are.

Ready to share? Send an email here. Put “My LYFF Story” in the subject line, and we’ll send you follow-up information. Sweet. Short. Simple!

Stories post bi-weekly on Fridays.

And lastly, a big THANK YOU to all our LYFF participants. Your powerful journeys have empowered someone else’s life.

Be self love in action!