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4 Affirmations You Need to Know and Lessons to Learn from Octavia Butler

Affirmations to Know[The PRC]

Take a deep breath. Exhale. It’s the start of a new week! Don’t judge what you’ve done thus far or what you have to do. Just express gratitude, and keep in mind that your thoughts and words are shaping your reality. Celebrate your progress and believe that where you are now is not where you’ll always be. Affirm it and keep moving forward.

I was reminded of just how powerful we are when it comes to manifesting the lives we want to have after reading the Huntington Library’s blog post Celebrating Octavia Butler. “The Huntington became the recipient of her papers, which arrived in 2008 in two four-drawer file cabinets and about 35 large cartons. Butler’s papers required intense processing over the next three years. “She kept nearly everything, from her very first short stories, written at the age of 12, to book contracts and programs from speaking engagements,” says Natalie Russell, assistant curator of literary manuscripts at The Huntington.”

You know what else was among those four-drawer file cabinets and cartons? Affirmations – Octavia’s hand written notes of encouragement to herself! The library found these empowering words below that the literary legend wrote on the inside cover of her notebook in 1988:


Octavia E. Butler papers, The Huntington Library

I have always loved Octavia Butler’s books. In fact, I was hooked after my first time reading Kindred in a women’s studies class many years ago, but after seeing this notebook and reading her process for self-motivation and actualization I am even more captivated by her talent and belief in herself.

This is a lesson to all of us from someone who understood how sacred words are, particularly the words we speak to ourselves; it is a lesson from a courageously powerful woman who used that knowledge to diligently shape her own experiences. May we all be empowered by Octavia’s bravery, and…

  1. Align our thoughts, words, and actions to manifest experiences that serve our highest good.
  2. Recognize the clues that tell us we’re on track.
  3. Keep and store all tangible evidence that affirms we’re on track!
  4. Create personal affirmations that support surrendering to the process and celebrate our progress.
  5. Believe in our dreams, goals, and desires, realizing the support we’re seeking to fulfill them starts with us.

Challenge: This week start your day reciting at least one of the four affirmations posted here or write your own. Select or create one that genuinely applies to you right now and make it your focus. Be conscious of your thoughts and actions throughout the day, ensuring they are in alignment. At the end of the day journal about your awareness, shifts in perception, and any tangible evidence that supports what you’re doing.

For more on how your thoughts and words impact your life check out 15 Affirmations to Inspire the Daily Practice of Self-Love.

Ayanna_Prof_Headshot[Mktg_Phoenix2]Ayanna Jordan is founder, workshop leader, and personal empowerment coach for The Phoenix Rising Collective. She develops and facilitates women-centered workshops on how putting self-love into action can transform your life. Ayanna also creates coaching and training that supports women’s professional growth in leadership, entrepreneurship, and passion-filled work. As editor-in-chief of Phoenix Shine, she is happy to be working with contributing writers to provide resources and awareness on topics that cultivate self-love and acceptance. Right now, she is most inspired by the LYFF series and She Makes It Beautiful. You can learn more about Ayanna HERE.

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Manifesting Her Happiness: A Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop Banner[The Phoenix Rising Collective]

I’m excited about this one, Phoenix! I love a creative way to life map and goal set so that you can manifest what you really want for your life, and making a vision board is definitely an awesome visualization tool for this very purpose.

A vision board is creative clarity, so much so that I created a workshop and am sharing my must-haves for keeping your attention on your intentions.

Manifesting Her Happiness: 5 Must-Haves for Clarity on What You Really Want will support you in setting specific goals for the new year while connecting with women who are committed to doing the same.

2016 is right around the corner (Crazy, right?!) so this is the perfect time to get clear about manifesting our version of what it means to be happy.

All materials/supplies to create your vision board will be provided.

Space is limited, so click HERE for more details + to register.



Ayanna_Prof_Headshot[Mktg_Phoenix2]Ayanna Jordan is founder, personal empowerment coach, and workshop leader for The Phoenix Rising Collective. She develops and facilitates women-centered workshops with a focus on how putting self-love into action can transform your life. She also creates personal empowerment coaching seminars and training that support women’s professional growth in leadership, entrepreneurship, and passion-filled work.  “I believe a change agent is someone who is in alignment with what she loves to do, and then connects, utilizes, and shares that love to make a difference and transform lives.”

Interested in scheduling a workshop or group coaching session? Book Ayanna for your next event.

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SELF-LOVE TIP OF THE WEEKEND: Be Conscious of Your Choices


Raise your consciousness level when it comes to making choices about your life; give them thought and care. You create your experiences, so be purposeful and design a beautiful masterpiece. Be self-love in action.

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AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I believe in what I want for my life.

manifesting_vision[the phoenix rising collective]

Nurture the vision you have for your life by believing that it will manifest. Whatever it is: starting a business, writing a book, finding a spiritual partner/soul mate, having a family, buying a home, taking a trip by yourself, finishing a college course, etc. You name it. If you’re affirming through your thoughts and actions that it’s what you really want, then trust that things are positively moving in that direction. Believe that the universe is working for your greatest good. Stop worrying about how it will happen; in fact, let go of ‘how’ and trust that what you need (when you need it) will be provided at the right time. Stay open to and flexible in your experiences and ever mindful of signs that your vision is manifesting itself. View your setbacks and challenges along the way (whether major or minor) as course correction, lessons to be learned in preparation for the vision’s fruition. Stop asking when it will happen, and KNOW that it is happening.

REPEAT: It is happening!


Be self-love in action.