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She Makes It Beautiful Entrepreneur Series

She Makes It Beautiful (SMIB) encourages and inspires women to follow their entrepreneurial dreams by sharing the phenomenal stories of women entrepreneurs who’ve already taken the courageous leap and soared.

Entrepreneurs in diverse creative professions are asked to participate and have been more than willing to pay it forward. So, from opening a dance institute to starting a bakery to designing luxury accessories and everything in between, you’ll read unique and empowering stories about how these brave women decided to just make it happen.

There are also FREE SMIB Bonus Materials included. Each interview comes with a worksheet that you can use to compile your own personal toolkit to help get that dream off the ground. All bonus materials complement and are based on the tips, advice and wisdom given by each of the entrepreneurs.


Luxury handbag designer and artist, Ayanna Listenbee, owner of Ayanna Listenbee Collection and creator of The Lookbook Philosophy.

Ayanna is definitely a creative force to be reckoned with – a determined business woman with impeccable style and a strong will to fulfill her God-given purpose; it’s awe-inspiring. I hadn’t met her before this interview, but social media can most certainly be a positive space for connecting with like-minded women on a mission to do great things in the world through passion-filled work. This is most certainly the case with Ayanna, so by the time we finished the interview (which felt more like two friends catching up after a long hiatus) we both agreed that we should have been having our conversation over coffee…even though we live miles apart! Read more about Ayanna.

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New code enthusiasts, Fatimot Ladipo and Kim Wallker-Williams, co-founders of Code Kids Rock.

There is one word that immediately comes to mind to describe Fatimot and Kim: Powerhouses. As business partners and long-time friends, they are definitely a positive force to be reckoned with. These two women are unafraid to “step into the arena” as Brené Brown says in her book Daring Greatly. They are solution-oriented, passionate change agents who most certainly understand the importance and power of service and social entrepreneurship.

Recognizing there was a need to make technology enrichment more accessible and affordable to kids in the Atlanta community, they launched Code Kids Rock.

Code Kids Rock is a commitment to teaching children how to code, providing classes and curricula that supports unleashing natural curiosity and shaping emerging tech leaders. Read more about Kim + Fatimot.

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IMG_0653Golda Smith, Founder, Personal Trainer, and Nutritional Cleansing Coach of Golda Smith – Fit Mommy Blog.

My first thought about Golda? “What a beautiful spirit!” Her smile is infectious and most certainly reveals her inner light. I was excited to talk with Golda not only to learn more about the incredible work she is doing coaching and supporting women in their healthy living journeys, but to also share her personal story of resilience, as it epitomizes what it means to be a Phoenix rising! She used her challenges (or what we often call failures) to propel her forward with more strength, clarity, and purpose. Her own transformation, of course, is an essential part of what makes her such an inspiring and effective coach.

Golda was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She went to college in the south and lived there for many years. While there she was in what she calls the picture perfect relationship with a man she was planning and building a life with. Read more about Golda.

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Crum_MelissaDr. Melissa Crum, Founder, Education Consultant, and Diversity Practitioner of Mosaic Education Network.

I was happy that I had the opportunity to connect with Melissa, and our conversation was just as I’d hoped it would be – engaging, thought provoking, and full of “light-bulb” moments! (Or as Oprah would say, “Ah-ha moments”) Now, before I share her Q&A, I have to tell you that I am (and have been for a long time) on a mission to find, connect with, and share the entrepreneurial paths and processes of women with a profound purpose to make a difference, to work as love made visible. Melissa is most certainly one of these women.

So, of course, there’s no coincidence at all that her name just seemed to jump off the page at me while I was perusing the YWCA Columbus’s website. I was on the hunt for something totally different; my mind was not on researching entrepreneurs for She Makes It Beautiful. But that’s usually how it happens, right? Looking for one thing, find another; and in this case, for great reason!  Read more about Melissa.

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bradford head shot 2014Suzan Bradford Kounta, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Thiossane West African Dance Institute.Thiossane was conceived in 2000. However, Suzan had been working toward its birth since 1990.

“My life experiences encouraged me to become a CEO, Chief Executive of Opportunity; I was directed to manage businesses in a creative and innovative way that blended the past and present.”

Thiossane (pronounced cha- sahn) was formed with the express purpose of bringing authentic West African cultural representation to a variety of local, national, and international communities. Thiossane introduces the richness of West African culture through dance and music to create a space of learning and growth in traditional African culture.

The mission is to preserve and present traditional West African dance, music and culture by providing authentic performances and detailed instruction; to perpetuate its significance to future generations; and to create a lifestyle of physical and mental wellness. Read more about Suzan.

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