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SELF-LOVE TIP OF THE DAY: Support Other Women. Create an Empowered Network.

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Women supporting other women, it’s alright. –Ledisi

Yes, it’s as simple as this quote. (We absolutely love it, by the way!) Women need to support one another in our commitment to being better – personally, spiritually, professionally, and emotionally, as there is strength and empowered action in numbers!

Create a positive sister circle, or as one of our contributing writers calls it, “My Goddess Squad,” who believe in what you want for your life, and also believe that there’s enough to go around. We’ve heard it before, “What’s meant for you will be for you.” In other words, if it’s yours, no one can take it away. The universe will open to give it to you in one way or another at the perfect time. And if your Goddess Squad believes this, too, there’s no room for envy, jealousy, and coveting what the next person has. So, do away with that deficit thinking by choosing more positively affirming thoughts and actions, and make one of those actions selecting a circle of women that supports your deepest dreams, goals, and desires.

In essence, keep doing the work (and only you know what that entails). Be patient. Celebrate the process. Remain open. Network with like-minded women. And lastly, support one another on your awesome paths to appointed greatness! You never know; a sister in your divine network may have (or knows someone who has) the perfect opportunity you’ve been patiently waiting to seize. “Women supporting other women, it’s alright.” In fact, it’s more than alright. It’s beautiful.

Be self-love in action. Happy Wednesday.