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be_self_love_in_action[quote]PhoenixThe Phoenix Rising Collective (PRC) provides self-esteem education that inspires and empowers personal growth and change in the lives of women and girls through self-development workshops, holistic health and wellness events, and personal empowerment coaching.

We are dedicated to supporting  women and girls who are on a quest to be self-love in action in all aspects of their lives! So, join the Collective. SUBSCRIBE. Become a part of a positive community where you can grow, share, and learn with others who have the same commitment. And know that we lovingly call you Phoenix, because in your self-love quest, you’re resilient and courageous like the beautiful firebird – not defined by your challenges, but learning and rising from them – renewed.

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176046281Celebrate the Phenomenal Women in Your Life: 10 Simple Ways to Do It!

By Aisha Upton + Simone Savanna  [Life + Style ]

It’s Women’s History Month and we want to shout out some of the women in our lives who have inspired us. While it is important to highlight women from history, it is often our own life histories that have the largest impact on our day-to-day lives. The women we’re featuring below are exemplars of style and beacons of light on very personal, everyday levels. Read Aisha and Simone’s beautiful stories about women they’re inspired by and get 10 simple ways to celebrate the phenomenal women you love.

bellhooks and womanhoodbell hooks, Growing Pains, and Womanhood: How My Commitment to Feminism Empowered Me to Be the Change I Wish to See

By KaNeesha Allen [Motherhood Empowerment]

“SHE is NOT a feminist!” I adamantly expressed to my male mentor/adviser (whom I’ll call “David”) during a heated exchange as a high school senior. He was just as livid and turned up in opposing my viewpoint (with a very condescending smirk on his face) stating, “YES SHE IS!” We were referring to the beloved bell hooks. I was so sure in my conviction that she was not the man hating, ball busting, dyke (please excuse my terminology as this leads up to an excellent point of correction) that I assumed in my very, very, very young and immature mind that ALL feminists were.  Read how KaNeesha was empowered by bell hooks and realized that feminism was the key to real change in her life.

women-with-arms-wide-openOperating in Your Gift and Creating Happiness

By Traci Currie [Art + Creativity]

When I was growing up my father’s motto was, “READ! I don’t care what you read, as long as you read something.” I can’t recall the age, but I was sure to be wet behind the ears when I noticed a Playboy magazine in this basket of assorted reading material in our home. At first I was appalled because from what I was told, Playboy was the premiere ‘Scantily Clad Showcase’ magazine for men – basically a book full of naked women. My thought was, “Someone must’ve mistakenly left this magazine behind in our humble pious domicile.”  Read how fashion costume designer Zelda Wynn Valdes operated in her gifts.



Hey, Phoenix, Participate in our Book of the Week series!

It’s simple. Pick one of your favorite books, take a photo with it, and include in 300 words or less how your book pick has been a self-esteem booster! Share with us how it has inspired personal growth and sparked “light bulb moments” that changed your life in some way – physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Book picks may cover a wide range of topics.

Submit your photo and info to us, here, and we’ll share your book suggestion with the rest of The Collective. Be self-love in action!




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