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be_self_love_in_action[quote]PhoenixThe Phoenix Rising Collective (PRC) provides self-esteem education that inspires and empowers personal growth and change in the lives of women and girls through self-development workshops, holistic health and wellness events, and personal empowerment coaching.

We are dedicated to supporting  women and girls who are on a quest to be self-love in action in all aspects of their lives! So, join the Collective. SUBSCRIBE. Become a part of a positive community where you can grow, share, and learn with others who have the same commitment. And know that we lovingly call you Phoenix, because in your self-love quest, you’re resilient and courageous like the beautiful firebird – not defined by your challenges, but learning and rising from them – renewed.

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MeganandAunt6 Tips to Motivate You to Move and Live a Healthier Lifestyle

By Megan Weidner [Health + Wellness]

On May 17, 2015, I had the opportunity to do an AWESOME workout session with a well-known trainer, Mindy Mylrea. Mindy is the creator and founder of Tabata Bootcamp. She’s full of energy and excitement and gets her clients motivated to move and live healthier lifestyles. I trained with Mindy two years ago and became certified in Tabata Bootcamp and I use the “camp” with my clients. Tabata Bootcamp is different than any other exercise program I have ever taught or participated in; it is a total body, total mind, and total lifestyle change. The Tabata Bootcamp is different because it can be completed in your home or with a small group of like-minded “campers.” The camp stresses healthy eating, accountability, and simple movements. Read more HERE.


IMG_5514ARTIST FEATURE: These Are a Few of Her Favorite Things: An Interview with Shakinah Shazaam

By Traci Currie [Art + Creativity]

It’s spring, and I have the perfect artist for this blossoming season. Shekinah “Shazaam” Tapplin! Just read the name. Actually, say the name out loud. SHAZAAM! This is a special time for this vibrant, creative being. Not only is she celebrating her 23rd birthday this May, she also graduates from college with a BFA in Graphic Design and a Theatre minor. She is an up-and-coming filmmaker, photographer, actress, graphic designer and writer. Are you exhausted yet? I decided to approach this feature differently. I wanted to match the colorful in-your-face energy she exudes. I sat down with Shekinah and said, “Let’s play a game.” Her smile told me to ‘Bring it on!’  Read more HERE.

Black_Yogini_Where Are the Black Yoginis?

By KaNeesha Allen [Motherhood Empowerment]

One, two, three, four, five…I count silently measuring each inhale and exhale by the rise and fall of my contracting abdomen. Pearls of sweat roll from the widow’s peak of my hairline, down the bridge of my nose, glistening on my upper lip, nuzzling with my chin, and eventually finding respite on the damp towel beneath my left foot. My right leg is extended in mid-air behind me. I’m tightly grasping my right foot with my right hand holding for dear life. I pray to the heavens I don’t lose my balance. I feel strong and confident as I’m holding steady in one of my favorite Yoga asanas: Natarajasana a.k.a. Dancer’s Pose. Read more HERE.


BOTW_RETAIN_YOUR_ANXIOUS_BRAIN[thephoenixrisingcollective]Hey, Phoenix, Participate in Book of the Week!

It’s simple. Pick one of your favorite books, take a photo with it, and tell us how your book-pick has been a self-esteem booster! Share with us how it has inspired personal growth and sparked “light bulb moments” that changed your life in some way – physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Book picks may cover a wide range of topics.

Submit your photo and info to us, here, and we’ll share your book suggestion with the rest of The Collective. Be self-love in action!

MelissaCrum_SMIB[thephoenixrisingcollective]She Makes It Beautiful: A Professional Development Series for Entrepreneurs

She Makes It Beautiful (SMIB) encourages and inspires women to follow their entrepreneurial dreams by interviewing and sharing the phenomenal stories of women entrepreneurs who’ve already taken that courageous leap and soared. We asked entrepreneurs in diverse creative professions to participate, and they were more than willing to pay it forward. So, from opening a dance studio to starting a bakery to grooming pets and everything in between, you’ll read the unique and empowering stories about how these women decided to just make it happen! There are also FREE SMIB Bonus Materials included. Use them as your personal toolkit to help get that dream off the ground. All bonus materials complement the advice given by each of the entrepreneurs.

Our newest feature is Dr. Melissa Crum; check out her inspiring store HERE.





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