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be_self_love_in_action[quote]PhoenixThe Phoenix Rising Collective (PRC) provides self-esteem education that inspires and empowers personal growth and change in the lives of women and girls through self-development workshops, holistic health and wellness events, and personal empowerment coaching.

We are dedicated to supporting  women and girls who are on a quest to be self-love in action in all aspects of their lives! So, join the Collective. SUBSCRIBE. Become a part of a positive community where you can grow, share, and learn with others who have the same commitment. And know that we lovingly call you Phoenix, because in your self-love quest, you’re resilient and courageous like the beautiful firebird – not defined by your challenges, but learning and rising from them – renewed.

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mayaARTIST FEATURE: Martina Hahn: Quite the Phenomenon

By Traci Currie [Art + Creativity]

I had the great pleasure of sharing the stage with a phenomenal speed painter named Martina Hahn. I use the word “phenomenal” with great purpose, because she reminds me of Maya Angelou’s poem Phenomenal Woman. I was invited to share poems written by Maya Angelou at the 14th Annual Black History Month Brunch this February at Genesee District Library. While I recited the poems, Martina was next to me painting Angelou’s portrait. By the time I finished my 7-minute recitation Martina was done. I had heard of speed painting but I had never experienced it – definitely not in this manner. Although I was focused on myself on stage, I felt Martina’s presence next to me. I heard the movement of her hands over the canvas, splashing colors in purposeful directions to shape Angelou’s image. Read more HERE.

Young Woman Exercising on an Exercise BikeA Healthy, Fit New You: Every Movement Counts

By Megan Weidner [Health + Wellness]

IT’S A NEW YEAR, and here’s to a new you! Let me introduce myself: My name is Megan Weidner; I am 34 years old, a mother of three kids, a wife, an tree-hugger environmentalist by day and a fitness junkie coach by night. I own and operate Rock. It. Fitness  – an energetic, effective, and FUN in-home, online and group fitness bootcamp. Fitness is much more than dieting and taking a few classes at the gym – it is a lifestyle, and as the health and wellness contributor for The Phoenix Rising Collective, I hope to inspire you to live a healthy, happy, and prosperous life through activity and healthy eating. Read more HERE.



Lessons_Learned_from_My_SonsDaily Inspirational Reminders from My Sons

By KaNeesha Allen [Motherhood Empowerment]

I laugh out loud at even pondering this subject. BUT, If I dug deep enough and really tried to muster up a precise calculation of how many times I hear the word “Mom” in a given day, I’d argue that it’s minimally between 30-40 times – and this is during a school day. Please note: my children are at school for at least seven hours out of the day. On the weekends its usage must peak somewhere in the hundreds (sometimes it feels like thousands). That said, there normally isn’t a monotone inflection in the young voices that have acutely etched the word “Mom” into their consciousness. The sound ranges from a high pitched yell, “MOOOOOMMMM!”, when I am being beckoned to solve a math problem, bandage a profusely bleeding bruise, extinguish a small kitchen fire, OR most importantly, when the iPad chargers can’t be found in the collective messes called bedrooms. Read more HERE.



Hey, Phoenix, Participate in our Book of the Week series!

It’s simple. Pick one of your favorite books, take a photo with it, and include in 300 words or less how your book pick has been a self-esteem booster! Share with us how it has inspired personal growth and sparked “light bulb moments” that changed your life in some way – physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Book picks may cover a wide range of topics.

Submit your photo and info to us, here, and we’ll share your book suggestion with the rest of The Collective. Be self-love in action!




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