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be_self_love_in_action[quote]PhoenixThe Phoenix Rising Collective (PRC) provides self-esteem education that inspires and empowers personal growth and change in the lives of women and girls through self-development workshops, holistic health and wellness events, and personal empowerment coaching.

We are dedicated to supporting  women and girls who are on a quest to be self-love in action in all aspects of their lives! So, join the Collective. SUBSCRIBE. Become a part of a positive community where you can grow, share, and learn with others who have the same commitment. And know that we lovingly call you Phoenix, because in your self-love quest, you’re resilient and courageous like the beautiful firebird – not defined by your challenges, but learning and rising from them – renewed.

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HEALTH_FITNESS [THE PHOENIX RISIING COLLECTIVE]It’s OK to Take Time for Yourself: Your Well-Being Matters

By Megan Weidner [Health + Wellness]

Wow! Can you believe summer is over? I simply cannot believe how fast it has gone by and that I’m nine months into contributing to The Phoenix Rising Collective. The PRC is inspiring, empowering, and calming, so I hope that my articles have inspired you to incorporate health and wellness into your life resulting in a calm and healthy mind, body and soul.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to present at The PRC’s The Fullness of Me workshop. I enjoyed meeting and getting everyone up and MOVING! We had a blast, and I mentioned to the group that physical well-being is directly related to our mental well-being. My goal is to empower all of the workshop attendees and our readers to incorporate movement into their lives. I love it; I really truly do. Read More HERE.


JOYCE PIERT [THE PHOENIX RISING COLLECTIVE]ARTIST FEATURE: Letting Your Spirit Be Your Guide – An Interview with Dr. Joyce Piert

By Traci Currie [Art + Creativity]

What a difficult and easy article to write this month. Why? “Because we are of each other’s likeness,” the feature artist said to me. When you sit in the presence of your likeness sometimes you aren’t ready to see or hear a truth about yourself. Her name is Joyce Piert, affectionately known as Dr. P in the community in which she resides. I have spent some time with Dr. P this past summer, and the experience has been extraordinary. I begin by defining her as Limitless. Energetic. Overabundant. Infectious. All-empowering. Encompassing. Divine. Imagine being surrounded by this sort of energy: Pretty powerful! Read More HERE.



LettingGoSelfCareChallenge1[the phoenix rising collective]It’s Time to Let Go: Here’s a Self-Care Challenge to Help You Do It!

By Ayanna Jordan [Personal Growth + Self-Care] and [Professional Development]

The phoenix has the power to heal herself when hurt or wounded, rising from the experience stronger. She burns fiercely and reduces to ashes to emerge a new bird.

During this time of the year, a change of season, particularly fall, I especially think of what the phoenix symbolizes: transformation, resilience and renewal.

As we gently move into a new season, specifically fall – a season of acceptance and letting go, think about your own transformation. Like the beautiful fire bird what will you release to be transformed and emerge anew? How have you persevered this year? Been resilient? Read More HERE.



BOTW_RETAIN_YOUR_ANXIOUS_BRAIN[thephoenixrisingcollective]Hey, Phoenix, Participate in Book of the Week!

It’s simple. Pick one of your favorite books, take a photo with it, and tell us how your book-pick has been a self-esteem booster! Share with us how it has inspired personal growth and sparked “light bulb moments” that changed your life in some way – physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Book picks may cover a wide range of topics.

Submit your photo and info to us, here, and we’ll share your book suggestion with the rest of The Collective. Be self-love in action!


GoldaSmith[phoenixrisingcollective]She Makes It Beautiful: A Professional Development Series for Entrepreneurs

She Makes It Beautiful (SMIB) encourages and inspires women to follow their entrepreneurial dreams by interviewing and sharing the phenomenal stories of women entrepreneurs who’ve already taken that courageous leap and soared. We asked entrepreneurs in diverse creative professions to participate, and they were more than willing to pay it forward. So, from opening a dance studio to starting a bakery to grooming pets and everything in between, you’ll read the unique and empowering stories about how these women decided to just make it happen! There are also FREE SMIB Bonus Materials included. Use them as your personal toolkit to help get that dream off the ground. All bonus materials complement the advice given by each of the entrepreneurs.

Our newest feature is Golda Smith, Creator of Fit Mommy Blog; check out her inspiring store HERE.




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